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  • Ceramic antifouling agent-B
    Product details

    Main technical principle:

    It is used for the process after the super clean nano polishing, the antifouling factor can be permeated to inwall of micro-pore and in between of

    micro-crake, combine with tile body become compact, by fully filled the tile surface mirco-pore and crystallization, so can be capable to avoid

    corrosion of oil, ink and so on..

    1.Oil base antifouling agent-B1

    by using combination of Alkane penetrating agent and silicone oil, the penetrating agent drive the silicone oil antifouling agent inside tile body,

    thereby combine with tile body become compact, make the ceramic tile an ideal antifouling performance.

    2.Water base antifouling agent-B2

    by using water as carrier of solvent, and make emulsification of silicon oil materials. It is safe and environmental protection (un-flammable

    material), it has ideal antifouling performance.

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