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    Nade's world leading technology promotes Monal···
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    Nade's world leading technology promotes Monalisa manufacturing

    2020-01-09 Browse Times:14

    On December 27th 2019, the first two production lines of the production zone of Monalisa group in Tengxian, Guangxi were successfully lit up, and now the new plant is regular smooth running production.

    The production lines introduce high-end intelligent equipment and adopt the most advanced production technology, aiming to produce high-quality tiles. After the production zone is officially put into operation, it will vigorously promote the production capacity of Monalisa, and become the vane for the green & intelligent manufacturing of the ceramic industry.

    The technology of Nade’s intelligent finishing production line, identified by the national authority, has reached the world leading level in general, and won the first prize of Science and Technology Innovation in CBCSA 2019. Nade's finishing line technology and comprehensive advantages are recognized by Monalisa group, thus become the supplier of the intelligent finishing production line and centralized control system in this project(Introduce at the end of the article).


    The finishing production lines provided by Nade, adopt industrial Ethernet connection for communication, implements centralized control and data collection, can automatically generate reports and upload them to the cloud platform, and can be connected with the ERP of the enterprise to track and analyze the production and operation status anytime and anywhere. 


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    A brief introduction to Nade's centralized control and database report system

    The main equipment is connected by industrial Ethernet to communicate with the upper control computer in the central control room. In the central control room, the equipment can also be centrally controlled and monitored to minimize the number of on-site operators.

    It has the function of data collecting. The data collecting system collects and summarizes the output, consumables, electricity, qualification rate, superior rate and equipment operation rate of the production line, and automatically generates reports and uploads them to the cloud platform. Managers can view the production reports anytime and anywhere through mobile APP, computer IE, etc. At the same time, they can connect with the enterprise ERP system.

    The central control room is also equipped with production electronic Kanban(bulletin board), which is connected with the cloud platform, and can display the output, energy consumption, consumables consumption, excellent rate, etc in real time. Meanwhile, it has the function of viewing shift, daily, monthly and batch reports.

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    Headquarter Address:

     Muyuan, Shishan, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China

    Business Address:

    P1, Building 37, Block 1, No.8, Hujing Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China

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    No.7 Fenggang Road, High-Tech Zone, Zhaoqing city, Guangdong, China


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