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    NDPG series intelligent polishing machine
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    Product details

    1.The polishing head can be equipped with efficient permanent magnet synchronous energy-saving motor with stable rotation speed and at least 10% energy saving.

    2. More thickness frame, beam and base plate, high accuracy reducers for the beam,the shaft connecting with double keys,machine swing runs smoothly and the machine works lifetime is long.

    3. Friendly use Nade special polishing head,suitable for T1 abrasive (L=140mm) and T2 (L=170mm) abrasive, with high efficiency and less abrasive consumption.

    4.Nade polishing machine with broken tiles automatic avoidance function, high standard automation.

    5. Equipped with electronic ruler and abrasive detection system, which can automatically alarm the operator and remind the operator to change the abrasive when the abrasive is finished,high intelligence.

    6. Large size touch screen, convenient parameter adjustment;

    7. Remote fault diagnosis system can be selected for convenient operation and maintenance.

    Headquarter Address:

     Muyuan, Shishan, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China

    Business Address:

    P1, Building 37, Block 1, No.8, Hujing Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China

    Factory Address:

    No.7 Fenggang Road, High-Tech Zone, Zhaoqing city, Guangdong, China


    86-757-8669 9629


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    Wechat contact
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