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  • NDPGL series stone polishing machine
    Product details

    ■ Equipped with high-efficiency synchronous energy-saving motor, the polishing head can have stable speed and save power more

    than 10%.

    ■ Reinformed frame and bottom plate; New design of beam swing structure; Stable running of the whole machine; The beam swing

    speed is up to 60 m / min; High efficiency of polishing slabs.

    ■ With new design of grinding disc, a variety of diameter discs are available. 7 or 9 pieces of abrasive can be installed, It has high

    efficiency and less abrasive consume;

    ■ Equipped with a profile scanning detection system and a polishing head lifting height control system ,together with automatic

    avoidance function, which can achieve better corner polishing quality and high automation

    ■ Equipped with electronic ruler abrasive detection system, it can automatically alarm and remind the operator to change the

    abrasive when the it is used up. This is highly intelligent machine.

    ■ Large size touch screen for easier parameter adjustment

    ■ Optional remote fault diagnosis system for easier operation and maintenance.

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