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    Nade Big Slab Polishing Machine Debuts at Indian Ceramics Asia

    2019-09-17 Browse Times:13

    From February 27th to March 1st, 2019, the three-day Indian Ceramics Asia came to an end. As the only professional exhibition in India, it was popular in the local ceramics industry. The exhibition consists of three exhibition halls with an exhibition area of over 18,000 square meters. The exhibitors include European companies such as Sacmi, System, Torrecid and Bretom, but Chinese companies such as Nade Exsiquite, Modena, Fcri Roller, Bofin and HLT etc. are the mainstays of this exhibition, which supporting half of the exhibition. The exhibition attracted many professional buyers from the Morbi ceramics production area and its peripheral areas to watch the consultation.

    At this exhibition, Nade Exsiquite exhibited with the big slab intelligent polishing machine. It is the only exhibitor at the exhibition to show such large-scale prototypes on the spot. It can be said that it has attracted a lot of attention. The promotion of avariety of opportunities has made the intelligent big slab polishing machine a star exhibit of this exhibition.


    As an important off-site event of the exhibition, on the evening of March 2nd, a special party with theme of "Together  Better 2019" was hosted by Nade Exsiquite, Modena, Fcri Roller, Bofin and Unifair. More than 400 guests were invited to attend, Mr. Nilesh Jetpariya, Chairman of the Indian Ceramics Association, Mr. Kirit Patel, Chairman of the Sanitary Ware Association, Mr. Mukesh Ughareja, Chairman of the Vitrified Tile Association, and Mr. Kishor Bhalodiya, Chairman of the Tile Association, gathered at the event, highly recognized the host company's support for the development of the Indian ceramic industry and expressed gratitude on behalf of the industry.

    Representatives of the five companies all delivered a warm welcome speech. On behalf of the company, Mr. Xie Cheng, the vice general manager of Nade Exsiquite, not only expressed the true feelings of serving the Indian ceramic industry, but also briefed the guests on NadeExsiquite’s innovative big slab polishing equipment and the advantages of production process supporting services. The whole party was held in accordance with the traditional Indian celebrations. The traditional songs and dances, dinner receptions, and sweepstakes were all brilliant. When the event entered the climax, the guests and the singers danced with the beats. Everyone enhanced their friendship in awarm and enthusiastic atmosphere! The party ends after one o'clock in the morning.

    Today is March 8. Happy Women‘s day!

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