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    Product details

    1.Matt tiles antifouling agent-YB

    This product developed base on secondary development of oil base antifouling agent-B1, it is suitable for matt tiles or soft-glossiness tiles. By little adjustment of the process, easy to achieve different

    glossy of tile surface (such as 18~28 degree, 55~70 degree), it is capable for avoid the corrosion of oil, ink and so on.

    2.Anti-slip nano liquid-H and application of ceramic tile anti-slip technology

    After finish the super clean nano polishing for ceramic tile, again using Nade proprietary waxing process, by uniformly apply the anti-slip nano-H on the tile surface, the anti-slip nano factors strongly adsorb

    on tiles surface, and permeate into tile body combine the silicate with tile inner body and/or tiles surface, therefore it has long-life anti-slip.


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